CASE STUDY: Membership & Technology Meet

The top reasons members join the ISPA is to access valuable educational resources and research. During the recent economic downturn, spas needed up-to-the-minute data, more than ever before, to help with their strategic plans and marketing efforts to ensure they were nimble during a time of change. To help meet their needs ISPA launched an online Snapshot Survey Portal providing members with 24/7 access to online data covering a variety of topics.

Each month a survey is distributed to the ISPA membership on a different spa industry related topic. The custom portal allows members to login, participate in the survey and access the full results report filled with a wealth of data just two weeks later. To incentivize participation and membership renewals, the results are provided only to those who participate. The portal was developed internally by the AI technology team and is linked to the association's database allowing members to login and access their very own custom Snapshot Survey library based on their participation. Access to their custom library is lost if the membership is not renewed, providing another incentive to not allow a membership to lapse.

CASE STUDY: Membership Gets Social

ISPA’s membership and marketing teams have successfully utilized Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as prospecting, sales and public relations tools. ISPA now has more than 12,600 Twitter followers, 7,900 Facebook likes and 5,050 LinkedIn connections. ISPA uses these platforms to tout the news and accomplishments of its members and also incorporates messages about the association and spa industry into the dialogue. These platforms have helped create a noticeable amount of buzz for ISPA and the informal conversations and sharing of information have led to new memberships, exhibitors and media exposure. The AI staff stays on top of the latest social media trends by participating in webinars and other educational resources.

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“The ISPA Board of Directors regards the Associations International management staff as an extension of our family rather than simply managers. We are able to stay even more connected with our members today because of their high quality of services. They continue to give us the resources necessary to be the voice of the spa industry.”

— Jean Kolb, Director of Wellness Businesses at Kohler Company
    2010 Chairman of the International SPA Association